Ultimate Intelligence Test Preparation Course

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Ultimate Intelligence Test Preparation Course

Since a lot of the students in Pakistan are not exposed to intelligence questions during their FA/FSc days, they are not as familiarized with the subject as they are with others, such as English or Science subjects. In order to familiarize themselves with Intelligence questions and learn some useful tips on how to improve their chances of success, students may refer to the following:

1. Familiarize yourself with the Terminology

Similar to other subjects, the questions that appear in the intelligence tests, such as the PMA Intelligence Test for example, have their own set of terminologies which students must familiarize themselves with in order to get a better grasp on the subject.

Terms such as analogy, odd one out, inference etc. are concepts which students must learn in order to improve their command over Intelligence questions. This intelligence course, as well as our other comprehensive courses are great sources to familiarize themselves with such questions and their terms.

2. Inculcate some essential values

Students are advised to inculcate some basic analytical values before and while tackling questions of this nature. Values such as interpreting i.e. seeking patterns, or inferring i.e. forming conclusions based on available evidence or reasoning, or, most importantly, critical thinking i.e. the ability to question things and not take them at face value, are all absolutely essential. Inculcating these and similar values in your thinking habits is vital to achieving success in the Intelligence questions.

3. Keep your mind sharp

Intelligence questions, at their core, are a test of the mind. In order to ace such sections, your mind has to be at its sharpest. In order to keep the mind sharp, try to play games, such as crossword puzzles or chess, which test the mental faculties of individuals. In addition, a healthy mind and healthy body go hand in hand. Therefore, exercise regularly and be mindful of your sleeping patterns in order to keep your mind in peak condition.

4. Improve your attention span

Although this is related to the previous point, but its importance merits that it be discussed separately. All intelligence questions require that you be able to maintain your focus and attention for long periods of time. This is necessary to follow the arguments presented in questions, or to make inferences and deductions/inductions etc. In order to improve your attention span, you must practice as much as you can. The wide variety of questions offered in this course will enable the candidate to constantly be on their toes and improve their focus and attention.

Now that you’re well equipped with our tips and tricks, all that’s left for you to do is to enroll at our course and score highly. Sign up today!