Ultimate CSS Islamic Studies Preparation Course

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Ultimate CSS Islamic Studies Preparation Course

Broaden your understanding of Islamic concepts, and develop the abilities needed to answer challenging questions


Ultimate CSS Islamic Studies Preparation Course


Course Overview

  1. Provides tips to sketch an ideal answer.
  2. Designed to prepare you in less than 30 days.
  3. Questions solution by CSS experts.
  4. Every type of question according to the syllabus.
  5. Up-to-date topics.
  6. Theoretical and analytical learning methodology.


CSS Islamic Studies course is for the students who look forward to a comprehensive and analytical perspective of the subject. The whole syllabus is covered with questions and provides tips to solve each question distinctively. It helps students learn the right content without reading 1000 pages books or consult multiple books at the same time. Driven from the personal notes of many CSS toppers and their hard work, this course provides essential and relevant content for aspirants.


The best feature of this course is step-by-step assessments that keep the students focused and help them identify their weaknesses. It also has CSS solved paper of 2022 so that students can understand the recent style of questioning and paper setting methods for their future attempts. The course comprises analysis, opinions of different schools of jurisprudence and fiqh, references from famous personalities and books which make this course a summarized version of the best sources of knowledge available out there. The content is not only up to date, it also caters to the learning needs of students and ensures a good score in their exam.

PKR 2550

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