Ultimate CSS International Relation Preparation Course

CSS | International Relations
PKR 2000

Ultimate CSS International Relation Preparation Course

Ultimate CSS International Relation Preparation Course

1.            Introduction to International Relations

2.            20 days test prep plan

3.            Questions solved by CSS toppers

4.            Up-to-date topics

5.            Self-assessment assignments

6.            Theoretical framework

7.            Analytical approach to international politics

International Relations course is a 20-day preparatory course for students who want to work smarter. Using the right methods and techniques, this course enables a focused study and analytical approach to the International Relations. The updated topics are explained with the help of IR theories and prisms to help students understand the significance of the subject which is often confused with Current Affairs.

The analysis, comparison and application of the theories in the given questions make it a suitable recipe for acing the exam. It is not only comprehensive and analytical, it also explains the required methods to attempt the International Relations exam in the correct way. It explains what the examiner expects, how to answer this particular question, what content must be explained and which theories can help elucidate the given question. Since these technical details are ignored and not taught widely, majority of the students have been failing this exam. These fundamental principles are repeatedly taught in this course and their assessment is carried out so that they can not only pass this exam but also get a good score.