Ultimate CSS Gender Studies Preparation Course

CSS Optional Subjects

Ultimate CSS Gender Studies Preparation Course

Grasp the concepts efficiently to ace the CSS Gender Studies Exam

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Ultimate CSS Gender Studies Preparation Course


Gender Studies is a part of the optional CSS subjects. It’s a course from the Group V of subjects along with Environmental sciences, Agriculture& forestry, Botany, Zoology, English literature and Urdu Literature. The paper is worth 100 marks.

To pass the Gender studies CSS exam it is important for learners to better grasp concepts like gender dynamics, women's empowerment, and gender equality.

A good strategy to become comfortable with the CSS examination's format, time constraints, and question types is to practice former papers. 



Course Overview

  1. Provides tips to sketch an ideal answer
  2. Plan charted out to secure higher marks in 20 days.
  3. Solutions produced by CSS toppers.
  4. Self-assessment assignments.
  5. Covers analysis and theory-related topics
  6. Learning Box Feature to help you remember concepts.

The Gender Studies preparatory course is charted out to score highest possible marks with a study plan of 20 days. Topped with self-assessment assignments and solutions prepared by the CSS top scorers, this course is a great collection of all the good things. Designed as a smart approach to prepare the course, it covers the theory and analysis of all topics. The whole syllabus is covered in the form of questions.

There are multiple chapters of Gender Studies which do not have a suitable content available in the market. Tabir Academy provides solution of all chapters with profound analysis prepared by the top scorers of the CSS. It provides learned opinions and analysis that is not repeated and nowhere to be found in the market. Its distinctive aspect and the provision of the wholesome experience of assessment makes it a unique and an efficient way to prepare for the course. The content is inspired by feminist discourses and the highly acknowledged books on Gender to help students stand out in their exam. The interpretive methodology is employed to not only sensitize the students with gender issues but also make them understand the depth of the course. It is a smart approach to ace the exam without reading irrelevant content and lengthy books.


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