Ultimate CSS Current Affairs Preparation Course

CSS Compulsory Subjects

Ultimate CSS Current Affairs Preparation Course

Acquire the abilities required to answer current affairs questions successfully

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Ultimate CSS Current Affairs Preparation Course


Course Overview

- Regular latest Current Affairs Updates 

- Expert answers from toppers of CSS

- Built to prepare you for exam in less than 30 days

- Assignments based on International and national current affairs

- Practice with Past Papers

- Effective learning methodology


The Current Affairs preparatory course is specially designed by CSS High Scorers using effective learning methodology. It comprises of latest global, international and national issues with their critical analysis and theory. The solved questions are then followed by assignments for evaluation and assessment for better understanding and preparation.


The multi-pronged approach is ideal for aspirants who want to ace the exam without reading multiple newspapers everyday for hours. It is a concise description of all current issues that need to be understood and critically analyzed. The past papers are also given to understand the question patterns, ideal answers and retrospective point of view. However, in order to understand the historical perspective and broaden the knowledge base. This course must be studied along Pakistan Affairs course. The combination of both subjects studied at the same time can be highly beneficial for comprehension of the topic and it will enhance the analytical abilities of the CSS aspirants.


Tabir Academy provides easy solutions to complex questions and this course is the demonstration of it.




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