SPSC Subject Specialist Pakistan Studies Course

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SPSC Subject Specialist Pakistan Studies Course

Familiarize yourself with the official syllabus for the SPSC Subject Specialist Islamic Studies test.

PKR 3000

SPSC Subject Specialist Pakistan Studies Course



High Scoring Challenge: Challenge yourself until you master every concept 

Learning box: Super Easy way to learn all the complex concepts 

Mastery Levels: Learn to tackle easy, medium, and difficult questions. Preparation gets better by clearing each level 

Time saver: 5x Faster Preparation. Score well in no time. Prepare in just 15 days

Bonus Feature: Tabir is Fun 

Progress Bar: 100 percent progress at the progress bar means you are ready for your exam



  1. Step-by-Step Approach to attempting the exam
  2. Self-Assessment Activities
  3. Ideal answers by toppers
  4. Notes by professionals

It is an effective formula for passing the test since it analyzes, compares, and applies the many ways in the questions provided. It is thorough and analytical and outlines the proper approaches to taking the Pakistan Studies Subject Specialist Exam. It describes what the examiner anticipates, how to respond to this specific question, what material has to be clarified, and which theories can aid in clarifying the question that has been provided. Most pupils fail this exam because these technical topics are disregarded and rarely taught. These key concepts are constantly covered in this course, and they are assessed. As a result, enabling students to not only pass this exam but also do well on it.


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