Past Papers CSS Compulsory Subjects (Objective)

CSS Past Papers

Past Papers CSS Compulsory Subjects (Objective)

Gain confidence to perform exceptionally in CSS Exams

Past Papers CSS Compulsory Subjects (Objective)




High Scoring Challenge: Challenge yourself until you master every concept 

Learning box: Super Easy way to learn all the complex concepts 

Mastery Levels: Learn to tackle easy, medium, and difficult questions. Preparation gets better by clearing each level 

Time saver: 5x Faster Preparation. Score well in no time. Prepare in just 15 days

Bonus Feature: Tabir is Fun 

Progress Bar: 100 percent progress at the progress bar means you are ready for your exam


Course Overview

The preparatory course is designed to for the preparation of objective parts of compulsory papers of CSS. It is an all-in-one course to help solve the 20% part of your CSS exam which is usually ignored and not given the required attention. If this area is given adequate focus, it can generate excellent results, especially for the English exam in which getting even 40 marks becomes a challenging task for the majority of students. The covered past papers include 17 years of compulsory papers which are rarely found in one place. MCQs can be tricky but after going through a plethora of prepared papers, it might not seem a very tedious task. These practice papers shall also help in the subjective exams because they consist of many concepts and information that can improve your knowledge. Don’t wait to sign up!


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