MCAT Aga Khan High Scoring Entry Test Preparation Course

Aga Khan Medical University

MCAT Aga Khan High Scoring Entry Test Preparation Course

Master the key concepts and problem-solving strategies to tackle the Aga Khan MCAT with ease

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AKU Test: Useful Tips


Every year many students attempt the AKU test. However, many students fail to score highly in the test not just because they lack academic knowledge, but also because of some minor errors in their approach towards the test. Following are some useful tips to help correct these errors and ensure that you score highly in the AKU test:

Time Management is key at the AKU Test

Managing time is crucial in any competitive exam. More so for entry tests for top institutions like the Aga Khan University, where competition is very tough. It is vital that you use time - your most vital resource - in the best possible manner during the test.

You should not spend more than a minute or two on a question. If you’re facing an issue, leave the questions for later and move on. Wear a wrist watch to keep track of the time. Wrist watches should be an essential item whether you’re attempting the AKU test, or some other entry test.

Easy first, difficult later

It is always advisable to start with easy questions or questions about which you’re sure that you know the correct answer. Attempting these questions has a positive psychological effect as it boosts your confidence, and this will in turn help your mind perform better when facing difficult questions at the AKU test.

You should mark down the difficult questions before you move on so that you don’t miss them.

The 'Elimination Technique' is your best friend

By using the elimination method, you can cut down on a lot of wasted time and can easily find the right answer to questions. In this, you should start off by cutting out the answer options that you know for sure are incorrect. Usually this marks out two or at least one. This makes the likelihood of selecting the right answer from the remaining options becomes higher.

The elimination method is a key tool for success if you're attempting entry tests for medical universities like the AKU, or some other institutes.

Practice as much as you can

This last tip is a tried and tested method for success. That’s probably why you’ve heard it plenty of times already. But the reason you’ve heard it before is because it’s absolutely true – the more you practice with sample tests etc., the more you’ll become familiarized with the questions on the test, and the more you’ll be able to better manage your time.

Now that you’re equipped with some tips for success, all that’s left for you to do is practice as much as you can through our course and score highly in your AKU test. So, enroll right away!

AKU Test - Few important points

Following are some important points about the AKU test:

- The questions of the test are based on the HSSC curriculum in Pakistan. Students may check out the curriculum at the official website of AKU.

- The test is divided into two sections. One section deals with science and mathematical reasoning. The second section deals with 'science achievement', which has questions from Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

- The AKU test usually measures the recollection of factual information, the application of knowledge, and deduction & problem-solving abilities of the candidates.

- The results of the AKU test are valid only for the year in which they've been given.








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