IBA Karachi Admission Test for BBA – High Scoring Complete Preparation Course

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IBA Karachi Admission Test for BBA – High Scoring Complete Preparation Course

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi; is a public university in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The Institute of Public and Business Administration (IPBA) was founded in 1955, making it one of the oldest business schools outside of North America. The world-renowned Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania provided the initial technical support. Several prominent American professors were assigned to the IBA shortly after the University of Southern California established various facilities at the Institute. The course materials, curriculum, pedagogical tools, and assessment and testing methods were created with the assistance of renowned scholars from these two institutions. IBA has zealously guarded the high standards and academic traditions that it inherited from Wharton and USC while adapting and adjusting them over time.

IBA offers degrees in business administration, accounting and finance, computer science, mathematics, economics, social sciences, and liberal arts.

IBA offers degrees in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Computer Science, Economics, Economics and Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Liberal Arts at the undergraduate level. Degrees in Business Administration, MBA Executive, Computer Science, Economics, Islamic Banking and Finance, Journalism, Management, Data Sciences, Finance, and Mathematics are among the graduate programs offered by the IBA. The Institute's doctoral programs include degrees in computer science, economics, and mathematics.

When the admissions process begins, it is announced on the IBA website and advertised in all major national newspapers. Admissions activity usually begins in October for Spring Semester Admissions and January for Fall Semester Admissions. IBA allows students whose final results have not yet been announced to apply for admission if they have no deficiencies in their previous academic years. Admission may be conditional on the submission of the required results.