Get Admission in LUMS


Get Admission in LUMS

All you need to know about LUMS Undergraduate Admissions


Why Choose LUMS?

LUMS is a remarkable setting for education, research, and change. You are allowed to raise concerns, criticize the norm, and inspire innovation here. To build an empowering community of leaders and change-makers, it looks for brilliant, inquisitive minds with innovative ideas. It provides a transformative experience that happens outside of the walls of the classroom. It embraces diversity, has polite conversations, and cooperates with one another in a team environment. Every member of our varied community exemplifies its common ideals, which are at the core of all we do.

You are encouraged by LUMS to socialize with classmates and uncover interests and possibilities you had no idea existed. It offers you the perfect setting for hands-on education. It motivates you to join organizations and societies, meet people, and give back to a university event. A wonderful way to experience university life is to live on campus. At LUMS, student housing really does offer a home away from home. The University provides a comprehensive environment to all community members within quick and easy reach because everything is nearby.

At LUMS, more than 50 club and society organizations established by students plan various activities, occasions, contests, performances, get-togethers, seminars, camps, conferences, and more. In addition, LUMS provides the best sports facilities. Squash, basketball, badminton, tennis, and volleyball courts can be found in addition to the most up-to-date male and female gyms, a swimming pool that meets FINA standards, a football field and a cricket field.

With its extensive array of materials, devoted personnel, top-notch infrastructure, and online services, the Library acts as a hub for knowledge for academics, researchers, and students. The campus will serve as your temporary residence while you are here. LUMS takes great satisfaction in preserving a setting where our members may learn, develop, and prosper. To make your time here productive and rewarding, we provide a range of services.

One of the most helpful and potent professional networks is available to you as a LUMS student: the LUMS Alumni Network. This institution, which has 14,000+ members, is actively linked and keeps making contributions to the public and private sectors in several industries all over the world. Through events, outreach, mentorship, financing, and job placements, they have a significant impact on the development of the University.

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