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Tips for High Scoring in SBOTS Written Test

Want to know how to score higher than your competition in the written test for SBOTS? Read on!

Learn to Manage Time Effectively

The number of questions can be difficult to manage if you've been out of practice with regards to attempting such tests. Practising questions on Tabir Academy will help you ace any exam due to its timed questions, whether you're attempting SBOTS test or any other.

Pay Special Attention to Economic Matters

When preparing subjects like Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs, pay special attention to economic matters. The SBOTS test has many questions related to the economic/financial setup of Pakistan, as well as current events of such nature. You must be well aware of such things in order to score highly.

Use The Elimination Method

The Elimination Method is a technique which helps you narrow down the correct answer, increasing your likelihood of getting it right while also saving time. When attempting an MCQ, start by cutting out the options that you know for sure are wrong. Usually this removes two or at least one option. Hence, the chance of selecting the right answer from the remaining options becomes higher.

Now that you're equipped with these tips, all that's left to do is to sign up for this course and ensure your chances of success. Enroll today!