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PST Past Papers: English Sample

A great way to familiarize yourself with the questions that appear in the PST exam is to go through the PST past papers. The following is a solved sample of the English questions that have appeared in the PST past papers.

PST Past Papers: Topics

Synonyms: Same meaning words

A topic you’ll come across quite often in the English portion of PST past papers (and many other courses), is synonyms and antonyms.

  1. Monsoon
  1. A period of heavy rains
  2. A strong wind in Asia
  3. Wind that brings rain from north east in winter
  4. A long period of time when there is no rain

Explanation: Monsoon refers to a seasonal/periodic wind in South and South East Asia.

  1. Season
  1. Weather
  2. Any of the four main periods of the year
  3. Climate
  4. Environment

Explanation: Season refers to weather conditions experienced for multiple months. There are four main seasons – summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The weather refers to daily conditions of the atmosphere such as temperature, rainfall etc. Climate refers to the expected conditions at a place over a large number of years.

Antonym: Words with opposite meaning

  1. Friends
  1. Rivals
  2. Competitors
  3. Fighters
  4. Enemies

Explanation: Friends refers to people with whom we are close and have a good relationship with. Enemies are those people whom we are on very negative terms, and is the most appropriate antonym. Rivals and competitors are synonyms, as they both refer to the people we compete against in something (such as work or a game).

  1. Lost
  1. Got back
  2. Found
  3. Received
  4. Achieved

Explanation: Lost refers to having misplaced something. Found means to find something that was previously misplaced, and is the most appropriate antonym. Received means to accept something that is given to us. Achieved means to have accomplished something.


Another topic you’ll always come across in PST past papers is prepositions.

  1. You always do your work __ time.
  1. In
  2. At
  3. On
  4. To

Explanation: ‘In’ is used to refer to specific parts of the day (e.g. in the morning) or months/years (e.g. in June, in 1994 etc.). ‘At’ is used for specific places on the clock (e.g. at seven o’clock). ‘On’ is used to refer to singular/specific times, such as ‘on Friday’. Since work has a certain deadline, therefore on is the appropriate preposition as it implies doing it exactly on that specified time of the deadline.

  1. I’ll be very careful __ the future.
  1. In
  2. For
  3. At
  4. By

Explanation: “In the future” refers to an unspecified time in the future. This means that whenever the event in question arises again, the person will be more careful. Hence, option ‘a’ is correct.

By going through these questions from PST past papers, you now have an adequate idea of what to expect in the English portion of the PST exam. Now all that’s left is for you to enroll at our course and make sure you score highly in the exam!