How do I sign up?

You can sign up using the three options:
1. Email ID and Phone Number
2. Continue with Facebook
3. Continue with Google

How much does it cost to enroll in a program?

Prices vary according to the course you want to enroll in. You can enjoy plenty of discounts and free courses in the future.

Is there an expiry for the program I am enrolled in?

The program will expire after 1 year. However, it can be extended on request.

How can I register for a course?

You need to sign up at by providing your information after which you will get registered for a course.

Why is Level 1 free?

In most courses, the first level will be free so that you can find out which subjects are included in the courses, the types of questions and if it’s helpful for you or not. This will also help you get acquainted with the method required to operate the courses. For example, if you get one question right, you’ll automatically go to the next one, whereas, if a question is attempted incorrectly, you’ll be directed to the Learning Box.
After level 1, you will be asked to enter the voucher code to access the remaining levels.

Can I resume my progress any time I want?

Yes, you can resume the progress anytime you want.

How to use the voucher code?

The Voucher code comes with the book you order from Dogar brothers. After receiving the voucher code you have to open the relevant dream on our website and attempt the first level. Next, you will be asked to enter the voucher code to proceed.

How many times can I use the Voucher Code?

You can use a voucher code only one time on a course and it cannot be used again. If you wish to use it again, you may contact us at

Will I get a book with the Voucher code? Is it going to be a complete package or two separate things?

The complete package that you receive will contain a book along with the voucher code that can be used to access the online course on our website.

What are the payment methods to buy a voucher code?

There are three payment methods:
1. Cash on delivery
2. Jazz cash account number 0324 8800030
3. Easypaisa account number 0347 4485447

One user can use the code in how many courses?

A user can use the code in only one course.

What does the voucher code look like? And where will I find it?

The Voucher code is written on a printed paper which is inside the book of the customer’s order. When you receive a book, please make sure you do not throw away any extra piece of paper as it’ll contain the voucher code with which you can easily access the relevant online course at

I lost my voucher code. What will be the procedure to get a new voucher code?

If you have purchased a complete package and lost the voucher code, here are few steps you need to do:
1. WhatsApp your order receipt/any proof of the payment on 0305 4491988.
2. Let the representative know the book/voucher code you purchased for.
3. Once our representative verifies, a new voucher code will be generated and sent to you through WhatsApp.

Can I only get the voucher code without the guidebook?

Yes. If you are only interested in preparing online with Our representative will generate a voucher code. For the voucher code, we have Jazz Cash and EasyPaisa Options. Please make the payment, send a screenshot of the payment on 0305 4491988, and our representative will send you a voucher code on WhatsApp.