About Us

Tabir was launched in 2016 with a mission to produce high achievers in every course it offers. It utilizes the most efficient methodology to save time to help students achieve their goals quickly.


Important problems and their solutions

Identification of challenges in each course and presenting a simple solution to succeed.

Testing and Learning box for success

Test where you stand on a particular concept and improve through the learning box. Automatic retesting whether the concept is learned.

Hands-on experience

Know your preparation beforehand.

Feedback from peers, high scorers, and teachers

Comments, tips, and solutions by peers, teachers, and high scorers.

Motivation to achieve

Progress bars show where you are and how far you are from your goal.


Making Impact

Making an everlasting impact through dedication and constant evolution.

Think Big and Achieve

Challenge the so-called limits. Plan and Execute to succeed.

Making Complex things Simple

Think about the goal. Design simple and effective solutions.

Collective Empowerment

Empower others through tabir. Building meaningful partnerships.

Pursue Excellence

Always Raising the bar.